Jean Pied de Port

Jean Pied  de Port
Le jeu de Camino de cathédrales

domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

Cathedral`s Game

Photos by: J unçu´.

.- =...JÇ.=.

.- I have called it like that because thirteen of the spaces on the track have a Cathedral on it.

  The game is as a map,

but like a secret encrypted guide on the Saint James Way.

It contains 65 spaces, altough de beginning ( the Alfa ) and the end ( the Omega ) do not show a number what makes 63 numbered stages, each representing a different place, town or image that will give the follower an idea of where he is at in that moment.

Among the 63, in addition to the Cathedrals, would includ estages with a number of dangers on it that corresponded with real difficult places along the way, like those we suffer through our lives.

Of course hidden messages would be not only on the board but also on the monuments along the way.

The pilgrims, did not have a guide-book ( as the one by Leslie Gilmour) or any other way to make sure that they would get to Santiago so they used to folow natural indications to make safe trip and get sound at the completion of their dream


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