Jean Pied de Port

Jean Pied  de Port
Le jeu de Camino de cathédrales

martes, 3 de enero de 2017


Photos and edition by: J.unçu.

*- Pelagius,  was a Visigothic nobleman who founded the Kingdon of Asturias, ruling it from 718 until his death. Through his victory at the Battle of Covadonga, he is credited with beginning the "Reconquista", the christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors. He established an independent Christian state in opposition to Moorish hegemony.

*- The Battle of Roncevaux Pass in 778 saw a large force of Basques ambush a part of Charlemagne's army in Roncesvaux Pass, a high mountain pass in the Pyreneens on the present border between France and Spain, after his invasion of the Iberian Peninsula.

*- In the IX century, is discovered the grave of Santiago, in Compostela by the Bishop of  Flavia, Teodomiro, starting from the signs that sees the hermit Pelayo.

*- The King Alfonso II "el Casto" ordered the construction of a temple around year 813, in his honour on the tomb and declared him patron of his Kingdom.

The first pilgrimage was made by this king and his court when he went to venerate the remains to Compostela from Oviedo, which is now called Camino Primitivo. So around 850 began the pilgrimages.

*- After, King Alfonso III  enlarged the building but was demolished by Almanzor in 997.

*- In1078 Diego Pelaez started the construction of the  cathedral, but he was replaced by Xelmirez in 1100 that finised aroud 1128.
The old basilica remained in use until 1112, year of its demolition. 
After the Romanesque cloister (1124-1134), the master Matthew started the final work , the remodelling of the  Western facade. The portico of glory (1168-1188),without doors that hidden the interior.

The cathedral received  the pilgrims with a pop of forms and colors.

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