Jean Pied de Port

Jean Pied  de Port
Le jeu de Camino de cathédrales

miércoles, 4 de enero de 2017

TRAIL Nº 1 North A

Photo work and edited by: J. unçu.
 * After, the King Alfonso II went to venerate the remains of Saint James, via the Primitive Camino, he was followed by others arriving later in other pilgrimages:

*- Via main Northern Way(Coastal) that runs from France at IRÚN and follows the northern coastline of Spain till Oviedo, where it heads inland by the Primitivo towards Santiago.

*- STAGE 1:HONDARRIBIA-DONOSTIA. 15 November 2016.

 Crossing by boat the Txingudi Bay, pass the Hondarribia old quarte and up to Santiagotxo Chapeld.

Climbing the mount Jaizkibel to look back down to the Bizkaia coast.

And down to cross again by boat from Pasai Donibane to Pasai San Pedro to go up to Mount Ulia and descend to San Sebastian.

*- STAGE 2:SAN SEBASTIAN-ZARAUZ. 16 November 2016

One can not pass Donostia without getting one of the stamps for the Cathedrals Game.

Walking by the  La Concha and up to Igueldo , with a fast look  back to the Bay before travelling between the Cantabric Sea  and a coastal mountains range like Mendizorrotz, Kukuarri,

To arrive at San Martin de Tours chapel with its Romanesque foundations and  views over the sea before  San Nicolas church and the way of Saint James interpretation centre in Orio.

The small hill of Talaimendi got me to the 
Gran Camping site with the Autumn colors on the trees and in the back the Getary´s Mouse.

*- STAGE 3:ZARAUZ-DEBA. 17 November 2016

Crossing Zarauz stands out two different spots a/ the Santa Matia la Real church home of the sepulcre of an anonymous pilgrim buried in the 16th Century b/ the Game of Thrones filming´s castle.

Along the coast by the promenade we get to Getary, birth place of Juan Sebastian Elcano, the first seaman to sail around the world.
And after, the private Saint James chapel of the painter Zuloaga,

.before strolling by the Santiago beach into Zumaia. Worth visiting the cliffs known as flysch before leaving the coastalline and move inland.

Across the rural district of Itziar dominated by her sanctuary where the Black Madonna of Itziar is kept, before a steep descend to reach Deba.

Note: Do not forget to take the elevator.

*- STAGE 4:DEVA-MARKINA. 18 Novenber 2016.

After admiring the polychrome porch from Deba´s church Saint Mary, say good-by the nice hostle at the train station and pass over the river Deva,

By Calvario, we head to a different Basque Country : mountainous, wooded, shaded paths but with unique and beautiful sites.
Olatz, an idylic and quaint valley around the chapel of Saint Isidro.

The Arno pass and Gorostolamendi will take us between the historical territories of Guipuzkoa and Biscay.
Back again with the Autumn colors sorprising us.

Getting to the end of this stage the rural tower houses will welcome us before the chapel of San miguel de Aretxinaga as getting to  Markina.


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