Jean Pied de Port

Jean Pied  de Port
Le jeu de Camino de cathédrales

viernes, 6 de enero de 2017


Meaning of the numbers:

Photos and edition by: J.unçu 

The game has 63 numbered spaces  plus two unnumbered (the beginning and the end).
The number of each space have a meaning, a secret message, a teaching, a puzzle to solve,
 a warning, something that search ,a encrypted code.

63: The last number of the universe, spaces of the game,
......  Compilation of Jewish Law.

58: Return to the beginning and start all over.
....  Judgement, change, transformation.

53: Misfortune, a column pedestal, loaded.
....  Polyhedron, luck, destiny.

52: Deprived of freedom, hollow someone teke your place.
 ....  On bail, conviction, sentence, wait until someoene release you.

42:  Difficult passages and paths, a maze, confusion. 
....   Go back to space 30, intrige, legend of the minotaur.

40: Fasting of Jesús, duration of my way, Israelites pilgrimage,
....  Moses at Sinai, the mythic flood, Elias pilgrimage.

31: Lose 2 turns, a hole, abundant source, enclosed space. 
....   Deep, until other player realeses you, by sending you back to the space it was.

26: Game, play, good luck.
...   Advance to 53, destiny.

19: Good food and drink. you lose one turn, albergue.
....  If another pilgrim lands you change places, go back.

13: Change, Cathedrals, moon phases,
..... The kingth Templar,  full moons, last supper.

12Contact, go back to space 6, the apostles 
....  Tribus of Israel, doors of Jerusalen, angeles legions. 

10: To remenber, number of fingers, The Commandments
....   Plagues of Egypt, the physical creation,

7: Perfection, the Sacraments, the routes in my way.
...  Times to forgive, theoligical virtues, thrones.

6: Comunication, advance imnediantely to space 12,
...  Stone, arches, medieval.

2 Men, intuitive, up-down.
... Duality, in order for peace prepare for war, twofold.

The spaces 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27, 32, 36, 41, 45, 50, 54 and 59 , instead of geese, will be Cathedrals.
Which ones?

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