Jean Pied de Port

Jean Pied  de Port
Le jeu de Camino de cathédrales

lunes, 9 de enero de 2017


Photos and edition by: J unçu

El camino Olvidado

This trail starts in Bilbao; used by those pilgrims coming by ship fron England or Bruges in Pays-Bas, today Netherland, to where shipping companies used to sail from Basque harbours like Lekeitio; and joins the Camino Frances in Columbrianos, just about 5 km. after Ponferrada. It totals approximately 450 km..

 The situation of the Christian kingdoms made this trail, one of the oldest routes and it was was relatively frequented between the 9th and 12th centuries.

The danger of the roads of the plateau, through the continuous attacks of the Muslim troops made of this route a safe alternative.

Runnig by towns as Alonsotegui, Sodupe, Güeñes and Balnaseda in the Basque land.

 After entering in Burgos and the Castillan Region for Nava de Ortunde, Villasana de Mena, Espinosa de los Monteros, Aguilar de Campo ( where used to be joined by the Basque Inland trail in the old times),carrying on by Cervera de Pisuerga, La Robla, Pandorado, Igüeña, Congosto and Colimbrianos.

I have traveled about the first 50 km of this path between the 7 and 8 of Novenber 2016.

starting from the space 0 (The Beginning) at the Cathedrals Camino  Game board.

 From Saint James Cathedral going down  Tenderia street till the arches of the Ribera in front of the Mercado and the old San Antón church, after crossing the bridge beside it walk up S. Francisco street till Paza Moyua and by Autonomia street up to Basurto Hospital.

Careful here, follow the sings and take the BI-636 which will take us up to the Bilbao Aterpetxea= Albergue, from where one can admire the new Bilbao´s Cathedral:San Mames.
 Or go on to Castresana. 

The Devil's bridge over the river Cadagua let us the passage, it has its own legend. One hundred meters ahead is the fork to follow the coastal road or go on in our Old  forgotten Camino.

Alonsotegui: Besides the Church has three chapels; San Martín de Tours, the patron of the pilgrims, San Antolín, with a statue of Santiago and the knights cross painted in the benches, the third is dedicated to our Lady of the Guide.

After towns like Sodupe, Güeñes and Zalla that have many services .
The town of  Balmaseda with its bridge the most photographed spot in this twon.  

Till the Las Oleas bridge, half in Vizcaya and half in Burgos. The origins of this bridge are possibly Roman.

Signaling is quite elementary, the services are limited and there is a shortage of hostels.

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