Jean Pied de Port

Jean Pied  de Port
Le jeu de Camino de cathédrales

martes, 21 de marzo de 2017

The Camino Game 4

Edited and photo by: J. unçu


Space number 25 :

Clues, hints : Fairs of cattle horses, mares, donkeys and mules. Walled enclosure. Southeast door the entry of the French way.

Space nunber 8 :

Clues, hints : Denomination of origin, well known fountain. Monastery with Romanesque church, the plateresque cloister and Juan Herrera style Tower. Land of good bread and good wine.

Space number 54 :

Clues,hints : Kingdom of García Sánchez and cradle of the kingdoms of Navarre, Castile and Aragon.
Royal Pantheon of kings, knights and queens of Navarre.

 Space number 22:

Clues, hints: Last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Francis of Assisi, Conversion, penance, choice and protection, Monastic Order.

Space number 29 :

Clues. hints :  Castle, market Monday. "The song" bridge. The ancient cave dwellings. Santiago Matamoros  and Pilgrim.

Space number 53 ;

Clues. hints : Symbol of luck. Church that belonged to the order of the Temple. Maragato  stew consisting of soup, cabbage, chickpeas and seven different meats.

Space number 38 :

Clues, hints : Payment for a right of way, the skull, bearer of the Holy Grail.

Space number 48 :

Clues, hints : Fortified church, vigilant of the road, roman bridge, multi-lobed arche.

Space number 42 :

Clues, hints : Minotaur, meditation, single track, puzzling.

Space number 36 :

Clues, hints : Its origin the Legio X Gemina. Quercus robur which means strength, firmness and strength. Chocolate Museum.

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