Jean Pied de Port

Jean Pied  de Port
Le jeu de Camino de cathédrales

martes, 7 de marzo de 2017


Photo and edited by: J.unçu

Vitoria-Gasteiz has been watchhing people traveling past for Centuries.
In the heart of the Alava plains and a commercial corridor well known by the Romans: The Bordeaux-Astorga road.
A city to relax and visit with peace of mind on the trail of The Cathedrals Camino Game.

We can visit cathedrals as the new: Neo-Gothic style. (1907-1969), the so-called old: Gothic style.(1497-2017) and the One, which was the first: Romanesque style (900-1087).
The Cathedral of Mary Immaculate :
Most known as" the new Cathedral ".
It could be the second largest church in Spain after the Cathedral of Seville.

The statuary of the façade is unfinished, there the figures that have been carved and placed in their niches include to parents of the Church and others saints of the Church.

The central and header area.

The southern arm of the transept.

The southern façade.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria :

The Bell Tower is made of ashlar masonry in its main façade,

The western portico is masterwork, where:
The  central cover is a recounts of the life of the Virgin.

While the whole cover is made as a tripartite façade: Having at left a tympanum of the life of San Gil, and at right  a tympanum showing the Last Judgement.

The Cathedral formed part of the medieval wall, it was conceived as a church-fortress, with great volume and enclosed appearance, being part of the city's defences.

Ken Follett, presented in the Portico of this Cathedral, his novel "World Without End", continuation of the well known trilogy "The  Pillars of the Earth", that will continue with " A Columm of Fire".

San Prudencio in Armentia:-
The apse is organized into three segments, torn by narrow windows, with half point arches and attached columns.

 The south facade, houses the portico, which was the main facade of the Romanesque temple.

The left to right:
The Ascension of Christ (in the center surrounded by eleven Apostles). A victorious Knight and  The tympanum of the lamb.
Descent of Christ into hell or Anastasis and The Holy burial of Christ.

The cruise is covered with a vaulted Gothic dome, crossed  arches with anthropomorphic and winged figures of the evangelists in the bursts of the arches.

The exterior of the building is simple.

And from here to Jean Pied de Port (France). To start the French Way.

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